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Stofen  Two-Way Bounce Unit TW-UNI  

SKU 83727

Main specs

Brand:  Stofen

Type of Accessory:  Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


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Stofen-Two-Way Bounce Unit TW-UNI-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


The Two-Way Bounce is a pocket size Bounce Card that gives you the advantage of bouncing without the need of a celling. The unit is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket yet delivers a big punch of light.


Vivitar 2800, Cobra 680AF, Minolta 5600hs, Minolta 4000AF, Promaster 5750DX, Achiever 630, Bower SFD35C/N, Sunpack PZ40X, Promaster FTD5750, Panasonic DMW FL 500E, Metz 54MZ-3, Quantaray QAF 6600, Minolta 280PX, Contax TLA280, Achiever 260T, Nikon SB800/800DX, Vivitar 850AF, Sunpack MZ440AF, Promaster FTD5500, Achiever TZ250, Metz 40AF, Olympus FL50, Canon 300TL, Cobra Auto 260, Pentax AF240FT, Canon 580EXII, Nikon SB24/25/26, Pentax AF360FGZ, Sony HVL-F32X, Sigma 500 Series, Minolta 5200i, Achiever 828, Promaster 7500DX, Achiever 632T, Promaster FT1700, Vivitar 273, Sunpack 355AF, Cobra 480AF, Canon 550EX, Metz 58 AF1, Minolta 5400xi, Vivitar 550FD, Minolta 3600HS, Digislave DFS-1, Metz 202, Sunpack PZ5000, Sunpack PZ4000AF, Panasonic DMW FL 360E, Canon 430EX, Metz 44AF, Kodak P20, Canon 420EX, Minolta 2800AF, Cobra D650, Achiever 260AF, Nikon SB600DX, Vivitar 836-840AF, Vivitar 730AF, Sony HVL-F56AM, Minolta 5400hs, Achiever DZ260, Olympus G40, Metz 402, Kodak Gear AF, Olympus FL40, Cobra 700AF, Canon 580EX, Nikon SB-16, Sigma 420/430, Achiever 700AF, Metz 36AF, Achiever 632LCD, Sunpack 355, Promaster FTD7000M, Promaster FTD5950, Canon 540EZ, Metz 54MZ-4, Quantaray QTB 9500A, Minolta 3500xi, Contax TLA360, Vivitar DF200, Sunpack PF30X, Promaster FTD5600, Minolta 2500D, Cobra Auto 280, Nikon SB28/28DX, Pentax AF500FTZ, Metz CT/CL45 Series, Vivitar 728AF, Sony HVL-F36AM, Promaster FTD5200, Achiever 828TW, Olympus FL36, Canon 299







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