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Oops, I pressed delete.


With the ease of digital photography, and the every improving quality of digital images, fewer people are using their old film cameras. Pros and amateurs are finding themselves using digital cameras to preserve those once in a lifetime moment.


Today???s digital cameras can store an almost unlimited number of pictures on standardized media such as CompactFlash, Sony Memory Stick, SD, and xD cards. These portable storage devices can have images saved, deleted, and rewritten to them numerous times. Your images can also be moved from the memory card to a computer via a card reader. Unlike film where a permanent copy is saved as a negative, media cards can have their images deleted either one at a time or bulk erased by formatting.


Accidentally deleting your digital prints from your memory card does not necessarily mean you have lost those precious moments just because you pressed the wrong button. Through the aid of image recovery software, most pictures that were deleted, accidentally formatted, or just plain lost can be recovered.


Let us provide the digital photo & picture recovery solution for erased or damaged compact flash, memory stick, xd cards, smart media, sd cards and other media used in digital cameras.


Our technicians have had excellent results offering this time comsuming service. Most consumer's do not have the time and expertise to perform this operation.


Entire order must be PREPAID in ADVANCE before performing this serivce.


Our Prices:


1 GB


2 GB


4 GB


8 GB


16 GB


32 GB


64 GB


128 GB



We scan the media card for all available images. This takes a minimum of two hours.

After we find the images, we edit the file names and directory. Finally we write the recovered files to a DVD-R.


Estimated return time of the completed order will be given upon order submission by the retail associate.
Normal turn-around is 2 to 4 business days.

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